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Francois Guillaume

Welcome to Francois Guillaume watch manufacturer official website.

Quality, quality, quality! the 3Q principle has always stood over our company's headquarter gate. Our so-far experience taught us another golden rule: the more heart we put into design, the better the results are. Athough the company has been launched many years ago, it has not always been an outstanding watch manufacturer. Success came with an idea: we decided to liven up our watches. After the first collection collection inspired by nature ("La Nature" Collection) Francois Guillaume turned from a family business to a company manufacturing 4-5 hundreds of luxurious and technically perfect timepieces per year.

It takes many hours of strenuous work to manufacture a single watch. Thus, our watches are not produced in a massive scale: some models are limited to a certain number of pieces, very few are continued until now. The key factors of succes in the watch industry are: precision, inspiration and craftsmanship. We combine all of them to get the best quality watches for our customers.  - Francois Guillaume Watches.









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